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Timesheets Late or Not at All... If you have Timesheet Nightmares then allow New Dawn Timesheet Pop-Up to do the work for you, Install and run from the system tray or notifications area. New Dawn Timesheet Pop-Up will Pop-Up on the screen at set intervals and populate the time against jobs touched since the last pop-up. For a demonstration of Timesheets Pop-Up please follow the link to Request a Demo or take a look at more information here. More
Embrace Flexible Working Recent changes to the flexible working regulations may mean more companies needing to embrace flexible working, so take a look at how Data Valley can help. Our systems can provide ERP management tools (Enterprise Resource Panning) - automating & facilitating the flow of data through your organisation. New Dawn gives access to critical data Anytime, Anywhere via a web browser. Talk to us on 07720 637095, see further information or Request a Demo. More
Account Revision Reporting Do you need to know when key Purchase, Sales or Expense Account data is edited or changed? Speak to us about tagging key individuals for notification of edits to static data i.e. Account Name & Address, Currency, VAT Code, VAT Number, Bank Account Information, Credit Terms & Credit Limit. PLUS Reporting to track these edits, Contact Us on 08432 895865 to find out more about DVPlus. More
Budget vs Actuals Its that time of the year again... Your Nominal Budgets have just been finalised for the new financial year... Why not look at importing them directly in DV to give you immediate access to Budget vs Actual reports. The ability to import your financial budgets from spreadsheets is now available & the reporting tools within this module allows you to compare budget to actual figures current month / YTD / prior year etc... How useful will this tool be for you?..... Contact us for more information on 08432 895865 or More
DVLogIT DVLogIT - Have you tried it yet? Go to to ask questions & log queries with our helpdesk. You will receive Email alerts when tickets are updated or closed & full access to review the history of your tickets, add updates & upload supporting documents. If you are unsure of your login details email for your access details. More
Web Costings DVPLUS: Measure / Control / Change: Web Costings in DVPlus is well worth a look. Using intuitive Templates, Filters & Searches as well as on screen editing & Spell Check you can get that urgent quote out to a client FAST. Plus with our flexible branded PDF Prints (including the option to include the clients logo) / full version control, budget vs actual reporting & the ability to intergrate with invoicing this is a must have module for DVPlus. Contact us to more information and to see how this links with other web modules via or by email More
DVPlus Web Reports DVPLUS: Measure / Control / Change: Our suite of web reports is growing fast. A variety of Job / Time & Financial reports are already available via the web with smart excel downloads allowing subtotalling & expanding of detail automatically within the report PLUS some of the reports include graphical represntation of data as standard. To find out more email More
DVPlus Desktop Overview DVPlus is now live and available from Data Valley, with some key new features and a completely modern, streamlined new look & feel PLUS a new Favourites menu. The new Consolidated Database along with the option for improved security using Active Directory are big benefits but DVPlus also introduces Web Functionality for Production, Web dashboards, Web Costing, Web Orders, Web Sales Invoices, Web Purchase Invoices, Web Expenses, Web Timesheets & Web Reports giving you access to your Production system wherever you are, from any device. To find out more contact us via the website or email directly to DVPLUS: Measure / Control / Change: More
Web Dashboards DVPLUS: Measure / Control / Change: Our Live Production Dashboards give Account Execs, Managers & Directors the tools to measure & track the jobs they need to control.Web Dashboards really is YOUR personal one stop central location for YOUR business day. To find out more about Dashboards & our other Online Modules download our overview presentation or email for more information. More
DVPlus+ DVPlus+ Measure / Control / Change: For more information on our New Look / New Feel & New Functionality modules including FULL Web Production, read more to see our overview presentation or contact us for more information. More
Transaction Categories Transaction Categories can be setup in the Accounts module to allow you to categorise your transactions across all ledgers, this allows for easy reporting on transactions and makes it quick and easy to see the category of the transaction on screen via Account Enquiry or the Live Aged Reports, but also gives more detailed reporting options to allow you to see which division for example specific transactions are coming from - useful for profitability or sales tracking to give you comprehensive results. For more information please contact us on 07720 637095. More
DVOnline Keeps Growing DVOnline is still expanding & now includes Purchase Orders PLUS a powerful Job Studio module allowing you to track, edit & manage all key aspects of your jobs whilst on the move, at home or in the office. Add this to our Costing & Expenses modules & the functionality of this offering is becoming very powerful. For further information Request a Demo or contact us on 07720 637095. More
DV+ Coming Soon Watch this space for more information on DV+, Looking great with fully revamped user interface PLUS a stack of great new features linking directly with DVOnline & New Dawn modules offering all our users so many advantages. For further information, Request a Demo or speak with us on 07720 637095. More
Version Compliance Control To safeguard version compliance across individuals & workstations, DV93 includes our improved version compliance control. This new control checks the programs running for each profile on every log in to verify the latest versions. For more details please contact us via the Helpdesk 08432 899245 or complete a request via our online ticket system DVLogIT . More
Data Valley 9.3 Data Valley's latest version release (DV93) includes some great new features. Our brand new, user friendly WEB costing / Expenses & PO modules are well worth a look. Globalised functions such as Employee Maintenance, Activity Maintenance, Currency Maintenance PLUS our brilliant new Global Rates module ensure simplified visibility & maintenance of key functions. The ability to run multiple companies or divisions from a single back end SQL database provides space saving & simplifies your backups. Linking DV93 with New Dawn (our Production Web Interface) allows you to easily switch companies/divisions removing multiple logins. In addition significantly Optimised reporting ensures you get the information you want - faster. For further information on the latest release of DV93, Request a Demo or contact us on 07720 637095. More
Income Recognition - Support All areas of Financial Tracking Our Revolutionary NEW Production Income Recognition tool is designed to support ALL areas of financial tracking for individual projects. Data is available for each job/project within the module including budgets & Invoiced Values PLUS Fee and Cost allocation on a continuous basis. This module automatically provides the balance sheet detail required for Financial Reporting: Directly interfaces with the Accounts - therefore removing the need to retain multiple spreadsheets: Provides a central point of information for each project PLUS provides a live overview of income recognition as a whole. For further information see our Income Recognition page , Contact us on 07720 637095, Use our LIVE chat option or Request a Demo to see Income Recognition in action. More
Client Quotes - Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device DVOnline's NEW Web Costing module allows you to simply build up the elements required for a job into a client facing quote. The templated web system is intuitive / simple to use & allows the detailed break down of a job for sign off by the client PLUS facilitates budget vs actual reporting. Follow the link to DVOnline from our website, Contact us for further information on 07720 637095 or Request a Demo to see DVOnline in action. More
DVOnline - DVs Central Hub DVOnline is DV's central hub. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere and from any device with an active internet connection - whether on the road, at home or in the office. WebCosting , WebExpenses , WebItems & WebReporting are now available & link directly into New Dawn. To see DVOnline in action Request a Demo or contact us on 07720 637095 for more information. More
New Dawn - Human Resources (HR) The New Dawn HR module provides one central database where every communication and every significant metric related to all employees across your organisation is stored & managed. The Sarbanes Oxley compliant security system allows strictly controlled access to individual employees so they can participate in workflows for such events as letters of appointments, management of probationary periods and personal development goals. With the ability to view employment correspondences and upload their own portfolio New Dawn HR provides all the HR tools required. For further information see the New Dawn HR Video, Request a Demo or Contact Us on 07720 637095. More
New Dawn - Dashboards & KPI Sophisticated Business Intelligence capability, completely web enabled and totally mobile, New Dawn BI delivers insightful reporting and KPI right to your desktop, tablet or phone. Using an incredibly intuitive and friendly interface you can develop your own queries and deliver meaningful information in chart or report format. To see New Dawn BI in action follow the link to the short video, contact us on 07720 637095 for further information or Request a Demo More
Form Enhancements Following the ability to produce forms in PDF format we have now further enhanced this area of the system to allow multiple form templates per menu. Our new "Form Picker" filters the available forms by menu - allowing users to select from multiple form templates & define exactly which specific forms appear against which menu. For further information on this new function please contact us on 08432 899245 or follow the link to request further information, alternatively complete a request directly to our Helpdesk via DVLogtIT. More
Accounts - Live Aged Reports (Debtors/Creditors) Our Live Aged Reports allow increased flexibility & control to manage your Debtors/Creditors. The familiar format is packed with additional features including drill down, direct links with Account Enquiry and Account Allocation. Take a look at the ability to add notes per invoice & split a payment over multiple payment dates combined with more standard functions such as On-Stop and Tag. Contact us for further information on 07720 637095 or Request a Demo. More
New Dawn - Communications & Collaboration - Delivering Control New Dawn offers comprehensive Collaboration, Workflow, Knowledge Management & HR capability specifically developed for Marketing & Communication Professionals, Based on Java & SQL technology and integrated into our Data Valley Production module, New Dawn is an integrated, web-enabled, real-time, interactive collaboration environment addressing key workflow functions of agencies, including Account Service, Traffic/Resource Management and Production/Creative Tools. To see New Dawn in action take a look at the New Dawn Overview video , Request a Demo or contact 07720 637095 to find out more. More
DVLogIT - Launch Following some great feedback from the recent trial, Data Valley are now launching DVLogIT. Your Online Support Tool gives you the flexibility to log questions, queries & issues directly from your PC / Smartphone, Tablet or Mac via our simple online system. In addition - keep track of the progress on your own logged tickets, add direct updates and follow through to completion - all via your DVLogIT application. To Register & get started follow the link on our website by clicking the DVLogIT logo or Click Here, More
Making Expenses Simple - For Everyone.... A great NEW web interface allowing everyone to manage their expense claims, from anywhere, on any device. In addition eliminating double entry by allowing accounts to simply check & process the claim - No duplication of effort. To see WebExpenses in action Request a Demo or Click Here for further details, alternatively contact us on 07720 637095. More